Custom Storage Sheds with Character

We aim to provide the Custom Storage buildings you need

While we’re building storage buildings, we’re also building relationships. Clients, Vendors, Subs, and employees – everyone matters. When it comes to your world, we are committed to giving our best to help you reach your finish line.

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Outdoor Structures

Garages, sheds, mini barns, craft studios, and just a place to get away to is what we provide. We love seeing your items safely stored inside an Edifice!

classic studio shed on display for sale

The Classic Studio Shed

These sheds are perfect for today’s modern world. The studio shed offers plenty of space to put away your pool and garden tools while giving an aesthetically pleasing look that will be popular in any backyard! You can also convert them into the perfect backyard workshop or office. This shed is built to meet residential building codes and is often used for additional dwelling units (ADU’s).

an example of a backyard studio shed in a customers yard

The Backyard Studio Shed

This studio shed features a slant roof and a sleek modern design. Ideal for crafts, art display studios, pottery barns, or a place to just get away and read, pray or study, these single-sloped roof studios will make your backyard a haven of rest.

customer example of a southwest studio shed

The Southwest Studio

Do you want to get catapulted back in time to the wild west? Do you want to feel what it was like to walk up to the old general store and open it up for the day? Then consider our Southwest Studio. Simple, but overflowing with culture, our Southwest Studio series brings you simplicity, value, and best of all a unique design. Just think, have you ever seen these anywhere else? Come over to order your Edifice!

garden shed finished product on display for housing garden tools

The Garden Shed

The Garden Shed is the meat and potatoes of the shed industry. Simple, straightforward forward, and gladly provides extra storage space for garden tools and equipment. Our customers generally use these quality sheds for day-to-day storage needs.

a backyard barn on display for sale

The High Barn Shed

These sheds definitely pack the most value. From cute little mini barns to those as big as you need, these little backyard barns are just waiting to help you out!

example garage on display to house vehicles or atvs

The Garage

Where do you park your car, UTV, SUV, ATV, or other misc projects? Of course – in a garage! But what if you don’t have one? Click here and go straight to our 3D Garage building tool to design your own garage in the layout you need! The Edifice Garages come standard with a heavy-duty floor system and also come available with overhead garage door options and sizes.

Edifice Building Solutions

Our team is committed to solving your family’s structural needs. Whatever we build, we built it with you in mind. Throughout the production of our products, we ensure that each structure has quality character woven throughout. Our job is to make certain each structure that lands on your property is a true Edifice. Edifice is privately owned and not a franchise – this means we have more latitude to invest in your needs through stellar products and services.

High-Quality Workmanship
Customer Satisfaction
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Edifice is committed to building character in people and structures.

Grant Flory, Primary Steward

Try Our 3D Shed Designer!

Edifice, Inc. offers multiple varieties and sizes of small storage buildings. Design your own custom shed with our 3D builder! From a studio that you can make into your own get-away space, to garages where you can store your vehicle, we are here to help add space to your life.

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Need a Custom Storage Building?

At Edifice, we love to solve your needs. Our team can’t promise you the moon, but we do love to get creative where we can! If you have a need, throw it at us! We have built a lot of various structures from very large to very small and are currently looking into stackable units!

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View Our In Stock Storage Buildings

We build top-quality storage buildings right here in the Mesilla Valley and deliver all over Southern New Mexico and El Paso areas. The following storage buildings are already-built and ready for quick purchase and delivery.

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!

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