Portable Decks

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Portable Decks In New Mexico

Is your camper entrance falling apart? Maybe your mobile home entrance stairs are falling apart. You just may need a new portable deck to add that final touch to your home or camper. Portable decks are an excellent option for those who want to take their outdoor living space anywhere. Here at Edifice, we are proud to partner with Dapper Dex LLC to bring you high-quality portable decks. Not everyone’s tastes are the same when it comes to the styling of their home; that is why you can customize your portable deck to fit your home perfectly. 

We care about you finding the perfect deck for your entrance. You have six different colors of stain sealer to choose from, and there are many portable decks on the sales lot ready to go. If you can’t find a size to fit your home, you can customize the height to match perfectly. Other add-ons include extra sets of steps and child/pet gates. Portable decks can be used anywhere, from campsites and parks to beaches or your home. We are happy to be able to bring you high-quality portable decks that will bring out the best in every setting they are placed in. Overall, if you love spending time outdoors, portable decks are an excellent investment that can last a lifetime.

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Portable Decks for RVs

Many RV’s have a small outdoor living space, such as an awning or a small patio. These can become uncomfortable and cramped. Our partners at Dapper Dex have matched convenience with comfort. All deck options add an extra touch to your RV to make it feel like home. A portable wooden deck from Dapper Dex will be perfect for taking your RV to the next level.

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Portable Decks for Camper Trailers

If you love to travel and enjoy the outdoors, I’m sure you know the importance of a comfortable camping setup. Dapper Dex cuts no corners to ensure you get the best quality deck at an affordable price. You can choose the size and shape of the deck that will transform your camper into the perfect vacation spot. Whatever wood you choose will bring a natural feel to your environment. Here are some great uses for a camper trailer deck.

  • Stacking firewood off the damp ground
  • Relaxing evenings on a camp chair with your friends
  • Grilling/BBQ
  • Sleeping out 
  • Game nights
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Portable decks for Fifth Wheel Campers

If you own a 5th-wheel camper, we know you prioritize comfort and having a relaxing vacation spot. We are with you and want to assist you in finding the best quality portable deck that money can buy. Many families enjoy visiting the campground every year and have a yearly lease on their campsite. A portable deck gives you a neat and durable camper entrance for maximum ease and comfort. You can customize your deck to your specific need and add a roof or canopy to block you from the elements. If you ever decide to stop renting the campsite, you can take your deck with you by loading it on a trailer!

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Portable Decks for Mobile Homes

Your home is your castle, and we believe it should be easy to find a portable deck that compliments the area you want to use. If you have limited outdoor space, a portable deck can maximize the potential of your home. Portable decks are a great addition as they are lightweight and easy to install. They are an ideal place to grill or sit out and enjoy a beautiful evening. Having a portable deck for your mobile home will increase the value of your home and add a great touch to your home’s exterior. Our partnership with Dapper Dex enables us to help you customize your deck to the proportions you need.

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Portable Decks for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above-ground pools are a convenient way to avoid the high costs of an inground pool. However, it can be difficult for everyone to access an above-ground pool since they are not installed at ground level. A portable pool deck is a solution you have been looking for. The idea of a portable deck is to make it easy to move. If you decide to move the location of your pool down the road, it is no big deal. It is common to even take down the pool over winter, which makes a portable deck a fantastic option. One of our top priorities is safety when it comes to having a portable deck for your above-ground pool. Dapper Dex uses the best quality materials and excellent workmanship to ensure your family’s utmost safety. Overall, a portable deck will add style and functionality to your above-ground pool.

How to Get Started

Dapper Dex has an easy three-step process to get you the perfect portable deck. Their simple process ensures that all the bases are covered, and you will get the exact deck you want. You should have an outstandingly functional deck that looks great, too! Dapper Dex designs its products to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and keep your property looking sharp.

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We will come out and measure your space at no extra charge. You also can submit your measurements with your quote request or give us a call.

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Once you’ve provided the necessary information, we will send a quote including the total cost of the deck and any other customizations you would like to add on. Once you are satisfied with what you have chosen, you can move to the next step of getting your new portable deck.

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You can pick up your new deck off the lot today for the fastest service. Or we can build your deck to your specific dimensions, deliver it directly to your home, and install it with no extra hassle! All we require to get started is 50% down and the rest of the payment on delivery. The convenience of having your deck delivered will save you a lot of time, energy, and hassle.

How to measure your deck. 

  1. Decide on the shape you want; this will determine the measurements you will want to take
  2. Measure the length; this will determine the overall size of your deck.
  3. Measure the width; this is generally the shorter measurement.
  4. Measure the height; this can vary depending on your home.
  5. Look for any obstacles in the nearby area that could impede the design of your deck.
  6. Ensure the ground is level and does not need to be excavated before you are ready for your new deck.
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Why Dapper Dex?

We are not trying to sell you a deck and forget about you tomorrow. We want you to have a portable deck that will improve your space for years to come. We partnered with Dapper Dex to supply portable decks to our dealers because we have full confidence in their products. Dapper Dex uses pressure-treated lumber so you do not have to worry about your deck decaying within a few years. We want you to walk away from your purchase with a big smile on your face. Here are a few reasons why we partnered with Dapper Dex.

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Built-in-place decks have been known to carry a hefty price tag. A portable deck brings great quality look to your yard and lets you avoid future costs by taking it with you.

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Visually Attractive

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a great-looking deck for the sake of durability. A deck from Dapper Dex will give a great look and quality that will last a long time.

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Built Tough

Dapper Dex ensures you won’t have to worry about buying another deck for a long time. Their experienced craftsmen have acquired the skills to build you a solid, high-quality deck.

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Quick Turnaround

There is no need to wait months for your contractor to make time for you. Choose a deck off our lot today, or customize an order and have it ready in just a few days.

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Helpful Service

Our customer service associates love helping people find precisely the deck they need. We serve people by providing really sweet portable decks!

Standard Portable Deck Sizes

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4×4 Decks

4×4 prebuilt decks are a perfect no-nonsense option for your home entrance. They are the ideal size for a rug and a pair of shoes before you enter your home.

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4X6 Decks

4 x 6 Pre-built decks give your home more prestige. The front-facing steps ensure you get as much space on your deck as possible for planters, a bench, or whatever you like.

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4X8 Decks

The 4×8 offers enough room for a grill or a chair, especially if the steps are offset to keep traffic to one side. This is an excellent option if you have limited space but want more than a tiny porch.

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6X8 Decks

A 6×8 deck offers you enough room to stretch out and relax without a large footprint in your yard. There’s plenty of space for a couple of cozy chairs or a BBQ grill! Perfect for going “big” but not too big. 

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6X12 Decks

A 6×12 deck is excellent for folks who are looking for a large deck but are limited in the depth of space. You can choose different step configurations depending on what you want. This configuration is 72 total square feet. Giving you plenty of room to enjoy a nice evening on your deck.

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8X12 Decks

“The big guy,” as we call it, offers a large amount of space for a family picnic or entertaining guests. This is the largest deck provided by our partners over at Dapper Decks, and all 96 square feet will make a grand entrance to your home.

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!