6 Man Cave Ideas for Your He Shed

he shed with a facade

What is a “He Shed”?

A he shed is a modern take on the man cave. A man cave shed is where you can retreat from the daily grind of life. Traditionally, man caves are a room in the house so you can be alone, indulge in hobbies, or hang out with friends. A he shed is often used to watch sports matches, play video games, or just a place to escape and be alone. So why should you have a he shed for your man cave vs. a traditional man cave in your basement or garage?

Benefits of a He Shed

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A man cave is beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety. A he shed is a place to engage your mind in positive activities. So why a man cave shed instead of a garage or basement man cave? First, only some have space in their house for a man cave, so a he shed is an excellent alternative for you to create your own space. Second, having a separate area away from your house will remove any distractions or mess caused by your hobbies. It is beneficial to remove distractions and interruptions that happen in your house. A he shed home office is ideal for eliminating those distractions. Also, suppose your space is dedicated to woodworking or another hobby that causes much mess. In that case, a he shed will prevent sawdust from tracking into your house. So what can you use a he shed for?

He Shed Uses

Do you enjoy woodworking, gaming, music, or sports? A he shed is perfect for you! Here are some of the most popular uses for a he shed.

Home office

home office setup in a he shed

Ever since 2020, working from home has become customary for a vast amount of Americans. One of the biggest trends in working from home is the rise of the home office shed. So what is the point of a home office shed? The significant part of working from home is that you can be more productive in the comfort of your house. The downside is that you may feel like you never escape work, and there are many distractions. You will probably hear your kids running about and your spouse going about their day. A home office shed gives you a separate space to get in your workflow and removes the noises and distractions you will have in your house.


interior of a workshop shed featuring a bench

You can turn a he shed into your backyard shop. Every DIY enthusiast wants a convenient backyard structure to store their tools and supply a workspace. A detached workshop shed gives you more space and a separate area to focus on your projects. Having a separate work area means less cleaning up, and you are less likely to drag dirt into your house. A studio shed works well as a workshop shed; however, consider a garden or high barn shed for more space.

Sports Lounge

He Shed Ideas

If you are a sports fan, you may dream of having your own sports man cave. You can turn your studio shed into a prime sports lounge to enjoy the game with your friends! You can install a fridge, grilling equipment, and a kitchen bar for your favorite game-time snacks. If you have enough space, add some games like foosball, pool, or cornhole to enjoy during breaks or after the game. And, of course, plaster your team’s logos, posters, and other memorabilia all over your he shed. Your man cave shed is your area to express your team loyalty!

Gaming Shed

gaming setup

Have you ever considered turning your backyard shed into a gamer’s paradise? A he shed can be turned into your ultimate gaming paradise. A separate gaming space is crucial if you stream on Twitch or make videos on Youtube. Gaming in a room separate from your home will remove any distractions and background noise that can happen in your home. So how should you furnish your gaming shed? If you are a console gamer, add a comfortable chair or recliner. You will also want a tv stand and some shelves for storing your console and games. If you are a pc gamer, you will also need a desk. Decorate your gaming shed with memorabilia from your favorite games, like metal posters, canvases, or bobblehead figurines.

Home Gym

He Shed Gym Equipment

Are you tired of traveling to your gym? It can be tough to fit your workout routine into your daily schedule. If it is a struggle going to the gym, why not bring the gym to your backyard? A he shed can easily be converted into a home gym! A gym in your backyard removes unnecessary transit time, gives you the freedom to exercise when you want, and gives you more privacy. A modern studio shed is perfect for a gym since it has large windows letting in natural light. You will need a he shed with solid floors to support your equipment and prevent damage from weights. A backyard home gym will help you reach your fitness goals!

Movie Shed

home theater inside modern home

Imagine having your home cinema. A movie shed is the dream man cave shed for the movie buffs out there! Just add a screen or projector along with comfortable seating. You will need to plan ahead since your screen, and furniture size will determine how big of a shed you will need. Top it off with a concessions stand and popcorn maker; everyone will want to visit your theater!

3 He Shed Designs

Studio sheds are often used as he sheds or she sheds. Studio sheds are explicitly designed to be used as a backyard creative or workspace. Studio sheds are deluxe sheds with many features you need already installed. Here are some sheds that are perfect for your backyard he shed.

Backyard Studio Shed

backyard man cave shed

The Backyard Studio Shed features modern design elements and can be used as an additional living space. Our backyard studio shed features a lean-to roof, interior flooring, wall panels, and windows. The Backyard Studio shed is perfect as a home office, gym, or artistic area.

Classic Studio Shed

classic studio man cave shed

The Classic Studio Shed is a garden shed taken to a whole new level! The Classic Studio features a gable roof, windows, interior flooring, and wall panels. A Classic Studio shed is perfect as an art studio, home gym, man cave, or backyard office, or it can be used as a tiny home. You can create your studio shed with our 3D Builder and add the options you want. 

Southwest Studio Shed

tan southwestern studio shed

The Southwest Studio is a studio shed with a nostalgic southwestern twist. The Southwest Studio features a facade like the general store’s back in the Wild West. This studio shed is simple yet overflowing with culture. The Southwest Studio is perfect for an artist studio, home gym, home office, or guest house.

Garden Shed

garden shed

Garden Sheds have been a staple of outdoor storage for years. It is a cost-effective design that is easily converted into a workshop. A simple garden shed will do the trick if you need a he shed for your woodworking or other DIY hobbies. You can design a custom garden shed to use as your he shed with our 3D Builder.

High Barn Shed

high barn he shed

A High Barn Shed is similar to a garden shed but has even more space than a garden shed. The High Barn features a gambrel roof, giving you more overhead storage space for tools or lumber. Using our 3D Builder, you can design your high barn with alternate window and door placements. This shed design is an affordable option for your he shed while still being affordable.


So what is the process to getting the perfect man cave shed? First, you will need the ideal shed! Since he sheds are highly customized, you will want a custom-built shed. Independent shed manufacturers are your best option since they will give you the most customization options. If you are close to El Paso, Las Cruces, Truth or Consequences, or Deming, we would love to help you! We are a local shed builder located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. You can use our 3D Builder to start designing your he shed, browse our inventory, or submit a quote request for a custom shed. One size doesn’t fit all, so we want you to get the best man cave shed possible!

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!