Vinyl Playsets in New Mexico

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Children love playing outdoors. Your children deserve a safe yet fun environment to play outside.

Vinyl playsets have many benefits. According to a Scholastic study, physical play outdoors helps children grow in confidence. You have heard it before. “Look how high I can swing!” “Mom, watch me on the slide!” Your child’s growing self-confidence will translate into social confidence. If your child feels good about their physical abilities, they will view themselves positively. This confidence is essential in the growing up years and development of your child. Also, your child will learn critical communication skills when playing with other children.

An outdoor playset is a perfect way to help your child succeed! Explore our playset styles and find the right one for your family.

Double Tower

This playset series brings double the fun to your backyard! This vinyl playset series features two towers and offers more fun options! Add bridges, ramps, swings, and slides for endless playtime.

Swing Sets

Our free-standing swing sets are perfect for smaller backyards. A free-standing swingset can easily fit anywhere in your yard for your whole family to enjoy! You don’t need acres of backyard space to have fun.

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Kastle Tower

The Kastle Tower is one of our most popular outdoor playsets. The Kastle tower is easily customizable with swings and slides. You can start small today and add more fun as your family grows!

Kids Vinyl Playhouses

Build the ultimate play area with a playhouse! The Kids Vinyl Playhouse is designed like a real house. These vinyl playhouses feature siding, weatherwood shingles, windows, shutters, screens, and decorative doors.

Mountain Climbers

Are you tired of your kids climbing over your furniture? The Mountain climber series is perfect for little mountaineers! These vinyl playsets feature a climbing element they will love. You can choose from a cargo net or a rock climbing wall to upgrade your backyard fun. The Mountain Climbers series is perfect for large, active families and will withstand rambunctious climbers.

Warrior Series

Do you want to be a fitness warrior? This playground set series has all the features you need for your fitness training. A Warrior Tower provides physical fun for all ages!

Choosing A Suitable Vinyl Playset

Which playset is suitable for you? The size of your backyard is the most significant factor when picking out your vinyl playset. Your kids should have fun but should also be safe. We recommend a 6-foot gap around your playset. Install a rubber mat or mulch base to protect your child from injury. You can use rubber mulch, sand, or shredded bark. Make sure your base extends at least six feet around your outdoor playset.

Play Set Options

Your children will grow. Your playset should grow with them! We offer multiple swing set accessories you and add to your playset that fits your kid’s age and skill level. Swing set accessories allow your kids to get the most out of your swing set throughout their childhood years. Give your kids years of endless fun!

Swing Set Accessories

There is no one size fits all swing. We have swings for small children, ADU-compliant swings, tire swings, and many more options. Babies, toddlers, school-age children, and special needs children all need time to play.

Vinyl Playset Slides

How do your kids want to slide to the ground? We have sidewinding, twisting, and turning slides for higher excitement levels. Feel the wind in your face with an open-air slide or get an enclosed slide. We have color and deck height options to suit anybody’s needs.

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Vinyl Playset FAQ

Q. How Durable Are Vinyl Playsets?

A. We are so confident in our vinyl playsets that we offer a Limited 20-year Warranty on the main playset structure! Vinyl has five times the tensile strength and four times the flexibility of wood. This combination of vinyl and the treated wooden core of our playsets guarantees years of durability.

Q. Will My Playset Rust or Rot?

A. No. The vinyl on your playset is a shell protecting the wooden understructure from the weather. The stainless steel components are powder coated to prevent rust. These protective elements on our vinyl playsets result in a longer service life.

Q. Are Rubber-Coated Swing Chains Durable?

A. The rubber coating on our chains is treated to resist mold, mildew, and UV rays. The chains will not become sticky, faded, or cracked. Also, we use stainless steel chains that don’t rust.

Q. How Do I Clean a Vinyl Playset?

A. Vinyl playsets are low maintenance. The protective vinyl shell and stainless steel components will not be affected by water. You can revitalize your swingset with a garden hose or glass cleaner and use a soft brush to remove dirt and debris.

Q. Do you Install Vinyl Playsets?

A. Yes, we do! We deliver your playset fully assembled to your home, so your swingset is ready for fun on delivery day. We even deliver for free in a 50-mile radius! Big box store playsets will take 1-2 weekends to assemble and may require tools you don’t own. A preassembled playset is a simpler, less stressful solution.

Q. Does My Playset Have A Warranty?

A. Yes! We offer a limited 20-year warranty on the main playset structure and a 5-year warranty on smaller components. The warranty covers manufacturer defects, not a failure to maintain the products, everyday wear and tear, or misuse of the product. To read the full warranty details, visit the warranty page on Swing Kingdom.

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