Southwest Shed Studio

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New Mexico Built Southwest Shed Studio

Our Southwest Shed Studio is built for dreamers. Do you want to go back in time to the wild west? Do you wish you knew what it was like to walk up to the old general store and open it up for the day? Our Southwest Studio is the time machine for you! It is simple yet overflowing with culture. The Southwest Studio gives you value and a unique design and simplifies your life. The Southwest Studio is built to meet residential building codes and is often used as an additional dwelling unit. (ADU) Take yourself back in time with a Southwest Shed Studio! Also, you can take a virtual tour! If you like this style, request a quote or check out our available inventory. If you have a specific building size in mind, Shop by Shed Size to find the one you need!

Custom Shed Studio

You should have a space for work, creativity, or rest. A shed studio is a solution for you! However, you and your needs are unique. We offer custom-designed studios so you can get a shed that fits your needs. With our 3D builder, you can design your own home office, a home gym, a studio for meditation and prayer, a writing space, a photography studio, or any other hobby that needs room to flourish. We all need space to pursue our dreams. The Southwest Studio can bring that space for you, as well as our Backyard Studio and Classic Studio. Build a personal studio to unlock endless possibilities!

Looking to make this dream a reality? Check out our rent-to-own options!

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Design Your Southwest Shed Studio In 3-D

Completed Southwest Shed Studio

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A Southwest Shed Studio is perfect for…

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Guest House

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Home Gym

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Home Office

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Artist Studio

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School Room

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Prayer Space

Why Buy from Edifice?

The Southwest Studio is the dreamy shed you need! We build our shed studios with the highest quality materials locally in New Mexico. We use LP Smart Side and LP Smart Floor, so your studio will last for years. We pre-fabricate all our sheds locally in Las Mesa and have sales lots in Deming and Las Cruces so that you can see our studios in person. With our customization options, you can create the dream shed studio that is uniquely yours!

Shed Studio Delivery

You can get a shed studio from about anywhere. Big box stores are now selling them nationwide. While they are easy to purchase, the work comes after the purchase. They will ship your studio to you, and you will need to assemble your shed studio. Your time is essential! We deliver our sheds to your property, so you don’t have to bother with shed assembly. If your property is too constricted, we can build on-site. Best of all, if you are within 50 miles of us, we will deliver your Southwest Studio free! Skip the hassle and get a prefab studio delivered to your home!

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Rent To Own Shed Studios

It is easy to dream about a shed studio. However, budget restrictions are an issue we all face. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a premier studio shed with a monthly plan? Well, you can! Our Rent To Own contracts allow you to get a studio with no credit checks and no fees for early payoffs. Are you paying a monthly fee for a storage unit? Don’t! A rent-to-own plan lets you pay monthly rent for a set amount of time. Once all the RTO payments are received, you will never need to pay a monthly fee for storage again! Do you want to constantly set up your hobby supplies only to pack them up in a few hours? If you don’t, the Southwest shed studio is the dreamy space you need!

Rent To Own Requirements

Unlike financing, an RTO program does not require a credit check. Anyone can apply! First, find the shed studio you want or design your own. Next, contact our sales team and let them know you are interested in an RTO plan. Our representative will provide you with all the plan options and give you a contract to sign. Sign the RTO agreement and make the initial deposit of 2 months’ rent. Once we receive the deposit, we will schedule a delivery date. Congrats! You now have your dream shed studio!

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!