Portable Garden Sheds

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Portable Garden Sheds In New Mexico

A portable garden shed is perfect for keeping your gardening tools, seeds, pots, potting soil, lawnmowers, and more. The garden shed is a staple outdoor structure for storage and a multi-function building for garden tools, workshops, and storage. This shed is also available with a porch. Just add more windows and let the southwestern sunshine in! The garden shed is a cost-effective and efficient option for general storage. Design your own custom shed and get a quote or visit our inventory page to see our in-stock buildings! Read our article “14 Garden Shed Storage Ideas” for tips on how to use your space efficiently!

Standard Portable Garden Shed Features

You know how harsh the Sun is in the southwestern USA. We know the climate is brutal, so we build our storage sheds from the best materials available. Our sheds feature LP Smartside panels, which will stand up to the heat and your choice of a metal or shingle roof. You can choose a side door or an end door on your shed so it will take up the least area possible.

Whether you choose to purchase your shed outright or choose a rent-to-own option, we can’t wait to get started on your project.

If you want a lofted roof, check out our High Barn Sheds or High Barn Garages.

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Design Your Portable Garden Shed In 3-D

Completed Portable Garden Sheds In New Mexico

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Garden sheds are perfect for…

garden tool storage

Gardening Tools

workshop set up


garden shed storage

Extra Storage

bike storage


lawn mower storage

Lawn Equipment

kids playhouse

Kid’s Playhouse

Benefits of a Portable Garden Shed

The beauty of custom sheds is in the endless options for customization. Whether you use your small garden shed as a space for simple storage or an elaborately designed workshop/hobby area does not matter. For example, windows let in natural light, which is excellent for a workshop. Another standard customization option is paint choice. The right color can help your shed stand out in the garden and make it more cheerful. With some planning and imagination, you can turn your storage shed into the perfect space for whatever you need. With so many possibilities, a Garden Shed from Edifice is an asset every homeowner needs.

Portable Garden Sheds Delivered to You

Here at Edifice, our passion is driven by customer happiness and satisfaction. We are dedicated to putting out good products alongside excellent customer service. We want to help you solve your storage problems with elegant and durable outdoor garden sheds. We deliver our storage sheds fully assembled, so you don’t have to assemble your shed, unlike shed kits. Remove the hassle and get a fully assembled shed! Once you purchase a shed, your job is done! Check out our Dealer Locations and visit us today!

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Rent to Own Garden Sheds

A custom garden tool shed doesn’t fit everybody’s budget. If that is the case, we might have a solution for you! We offer rent-to-own plans for our small garden sheds. You can invest in your shed with an RTO plan by paying monthly rent payments in 24, 36, or 48 months. An RTO plan makes your storage shed affordable by removing the pain of a one-time cost!

Rent To Own Requirements

Rent-to-own garden sheds give you flexibility with your budget. You will need to fill out a rental agreement, pay a down payment equal to two months’ rent, and pay any applicable taxes and fees. If the terms of the agreement are not met, or you no longer need the shed, reach out to us to schedule a pickup. If you have unforeseen circumstances squeezing your budget, contact us, and we can work together to create a plan. We always are looking for an alternative solution! A rent-to-own plan does not require a credit check since it is not a loan

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!