Classic Studio Shed

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New Mexico Built Studio Sheds

Our Classic Studio Sheds are manufactured right here in Las Cruces. The Studio Shed series is the Cadillac of our shed lineup! We build our products with only the best materials, so your shed will last for years in the Southern US climate. This shed design features LP Siding and a metal or shingle gable roof. The Classic Studio Shed is beautiful and ready to be used for whatever you need. In fact, we use one of our own Classic Studios as an office! Take a virtual tour to see what your studio could look like! If you have a specific size in mind, Shop by Size to find exactly what you need, or visit us at any of our Dealer Locations!

Customize Your Studio Shed

Isn’t it great when you can help design your shed exactly how you want it? There are no limits when it comes to studio sheds. Our Studio Sheds are customizable so that you can have the perfect tiny home, man cave, she shed, art studio, or whatever you need. Why would you settle for a standard shed? Purchase or choose rent-to-own on a custom shed from Edifice today! Or take a look at our Garden Shed or High Barn options. For information of office sheds, read our article “How To Build A Backyard Office Shed.”

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Design Your Studio Shed In 3-D

Completed Studio Sheds In New Mexico

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Studio sheds are perfect for…

artist studio shed new mexico

Artists who don’t have enough room in their home for all their tools and need extra space for creative work

author writer studio shed new mexico

Authors who need peace to reach a flow state and put out their best work

man cave she shed studio shed new mexico

Homeowners that would like a backyard she shed/man cave

home office studio shed new mexico

People who need a backyard office for remote work

workshop studio shed new mexico

Contractors or blue-collar workers that need extra space away from their homes for a workshop

cabin tiny house studio shed new mexico

Tiny homes, cabins, or any other kind of living space

Why are Studio Sheds Popular?

With more people working from home or going into business, having an office space in one’s backyard is essential. Since remote work is the norm, many homeowners have purchased studio sheds as a home office solution. A shed is perfect for home offices since they provide a quiet, organized space for you to enter your work zone. Alternatively, you could rent a coworking office space, so why buy a shed? According to 2019 statistics, the average American spends 27.6 minutes one way on their work commute. This stat means we waste over 200 hours each year! A backyard office will save you time and money and remove commuting headaches. Other styles that make great offices include our Southwest Studio and Backyard Studio.

Studio Sheds Delivered to You

So why buy from Edifice Inc.? Edifice is your local shed builder in Las Cruces, NM that can deliver your shed to your home with zero hassle! If you purchase a fully assembled shed delivered to your door, you will save time and remove the needless headaches of DIY shed kits. Do you need a permit for your shed? We can help with the permit process! The benefits of locally built high-quality studio sheds outweigh the benefits of a DIY kit!

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Rent to Own Sheds

Studio sheds don’t fit everyone’s budget. What if you could pay it off over time? No need to worry! With our rent-to-own plans, you can afford a shed. What is rent-to-own? With a rent-to-own program, you pay a monthly rental fee which goes toward the cost of the building. Once the payments are complete, you fully own your backyard shed. Rent-to-own plans do not require a credit application to qualify, and you can pay the total amount of the shed at any time during your payment plan. These options allow flexibility, so our studio sheds can fit your budget!

Rent To Own Requirements

Rent-to-own studio sheds do not require a credit check. Before delivery of your shed, you will need to sign a rental agreement, pay a down payment of one month’s rent, and pay applicable taxes and fees. Payment plans are based on 24, 36, or 48 months. If at any point in the contract you decide you don’t want your shed you can return it. If you have unforeseen circumstances, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can work out a plan with you! We always look for alternative solutions beforehand.

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!