12×20 Sheds in New Mexico

Step into Edifice, your ultimate destination for top-notch 12 x 20 sheds in New Mexico. We take immense pride in presenting a vast array of wood sheds tailored to your needs. Our sheds boast simplicity without compromising on style, effortlessly enhancing the charm of your backyard. Whether you’re eyeing an 8 x 10 shed or a spacious 12×20 storage shed, our collection has just the right fit for storing your precious belongings.

At Edifice, our commitment to excellence shines through as we exclusively employ the finest materials and craftsmanship. No corners are cut in creating our sheds, ensuring a long-lasting investment. Our skilled workers meticulously attend to every detail, from initial planning to building, resulting in durable and visually stunning sheds. With a range of shed designs, you can easily personalize them to harmonize with your property perfectly. Trust Edifice to deliver sheds that stand the test of time, built with passion and precision.

high barn 12x20 shed size

Edifice 12×20 Shed Styles

classic studio 12x20 shed sizes

Classic Studio Shed

The classic studio shed provides a timeless and adaptable choice. It features a peaked roof that complements various architectural styles. If you desire a sophisticated shed that harmonizes well with the appearance of your property, this design is ideal for you. This shed is also highly customizable, with many features to choose from.

10 x 16 southwest shed in nm

Southwest Studio Shed

This fashion brings you to the old West with its uncomplicated yet fashionable appearance. Its unique layout will give your backyard a refined atmosphere which can be rare in the shed industry. You can take a look at our 3D Shed Designer to observe how you can personalize your shed with a southwest vibe to match your requirements! Come to Edifice Sheds to buy yours!

backyard studio 12x20 shed

Backyard Studio Shed

Discover the ultimate backyard oasis with our Studio Shed – the perfect choice for your outdoor space. Whether you need a serene workspace, an inspiring art studio, or a cozy spot to unwind, this shed has you covered. Abundant natural light floods through its generous windows, creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. With the freedom to customize the space according to your unique preferences, you can design a truly motivating environment that perfectly complements your lifestyle. Embrace the possibilities and transform your backyard with our versatile Studio Shed!

high barn 12x20 shed

High Barn Shed

Experience the timeless appeal and practicality of our High Barn Shed – a valuable solution for those in need of ample vertical storage space. With its towering roof and elevated ceiling, this shed offers abundant room above to store tools, gear, or seasonal decorations. The barn-style doors add a rustic charm while ensuring easy access, allowing you to drive a lawnmower or wagon right into the shed. Embrace the versatility and convenience of our High Barn Shed, and discover a new level of organization and functionality for your storage needs.

garden 12x20 shed

Garden Shed

Discover the perfect addition to every gardener’s paradise – our Garden Shed! Crafted with love for gardening enthusiasts, this shed seamlessly blends utility with charm. Personalization is a breeze, allowing you to add planting tables or even attach a greenhouse to cater to your gardening passion. With this shed, you can keep all your gardening essentials organized and your garden looking stunning. Embrace the beauty and functionality of our Garden Shed, designed to elevate your gardening experience and complement the splendor of your outdoor space.

Customize Your 12×20 Shed

At Edifice Sheds, we understand that each homeowner has unique preferences and requirements when it comes to their storage area. That’s why we offer a diverse range of options to personalize your 12 x 20 shed based on your specific needs.

To begin with, you have the freedom to select from a variety of roof styles, such as gable, flat, or gambrel roofs, allowing you to maximize the space available above. Furthermore, our sheds come in a wide array of colors, giving you the opportunity to match your outdoor decor or make a bold statement. Whether you desire a natural wooden appearance, a vibrant hue, or a more understated shade, our team is here to help you find the perfect color for your shed.

When it comes to customization, we also provide choices for doors and windows. You have the flexibility to choose their positioning, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, we offer various door options, including single or double doors, sliding doors, and customized alternatives.


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5 benefits of a 12×20 Shed

Storage Space

One of the key benefits of a 12 x 20 shed is its abundant storage capacity. This size offers ample space to accommodate a wide range of items, such as gardening tools, lawn equipment, bicycles, seasonal decorations, and household items that might otherwise clutter your living space. By organizing and utilizing the space effectively, you can keep your belongings neatly stored and easily accessible whenever you need them.


A 12×20 shed is an incredibly versatile structure that can cater to a multitude of purposes. Whether you need a traditional storage shed, a spacious workshop for all your DIY projects, a comfortable home office, a dedicated hobby room, a delightful playhouse for your children, or a peaceful retreat for relaxation, this size offers the flexibility to accommodate your diverse needs. Its generous space makes it a valuable and adaptable addition to your property, ready to fulfill whatever purpose you envision.


This spacious shed offers a dedicated spot to store your belongings, keeping your yard, garage, or home neat and tidy. By incorporating shelves, hooks, and storage units, you can efficiently sort and retrieve your possessions, saving valuable time and avoiding frustration when searching for specific items. This well-arranged and generous storage space ensures that everything is in its place, making your life more convenient and enjoyable.

Property Value

Adding a 12×20 shed enhances property value. Buyers value the extra storage and usability. A well-maintained, attractive shed elevates the property’s appearance, increasing appeal and practicality.


Secure your valuable items in a 12×20 shed. Wood sheds provide natural insulation, protecting belongings from extreme conditions. Reliable locks and security features offer peace of mind against theft or unauthorized access.

What Can Fit In An 12×20 Shed?

A shed that measures 12×20 offers plenty of room for storing various items for different needs. Here are a few instances of what you can keep inside a 12×20 shed:

lawn mower icon

Outdoor Equipment

You can organize your shed to store lawnmowers, gardening tools, wheelbarrows, trimmers, and shovels. They will be readily available whenever needed for your yard and garden tasks.

bicycle icon

Sports Equipment

If you love cycling or have sports equipment like golf clubs, tennis rackets, or camping gear, the 12×20 shed offers plenty of room to store them. Storing them properly protects them from the weather and keeps them in good shape.

outdoor furniture icon

Seasonal Items

During off-seasons, you can store seasonal decorations, patio furniture, and pool accessories in the shed. This frees up space inside your home, allowing you to keep these items safely tucked away until you need them again.

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Workshop And Tools

If you like doing things yourself or have hobbies that need a particular workplace, the 12×20 shed can be used as your workshop. You can keep electric tools, manual tools, workbenches, and materials in a neat way, making a practical area for your projects.

home office icon

Home Office Or Studio

If you require a workspace for a home office or a creative studio, the 12×20 shed can offer a peaceful and distinct area separate from your primary residence. You can establish a cozy and efficient working atmosphere by ensuring suitable insulation, lighting, and electrical sockets.

pile of boxes icon

Household Items

The 12×20 shed is a practical solution for accommodating additional items like seasonal clothing, extra furniture, boxes, or belongings that are not frequently used. Its ample storage space provides an effective way to keep your possessions organized and easily accessible.

12×20 Sheds Rent-To-Own Options

At Edifice Sheds, we understand that not everyone can afford to purchase a shed upfront. That’s why we offer a convenient and flexible solution: rent-to-own. With our program, you can select your desired shed and start using it immediately while making manageable monthly payments.

Our rent-to-own sheds make acquiring storage space easier without a large upfront cost. We offer various sizes, designs, and customization options to suit your needs. Our rental contracts are clear and easy to understand, allowing you to have a high-quality shed on your property as you work toward ownership. Contact us today to learn more about our rent-to-own sheds and find the perfect solution for your storage needs.

12×20 Sheds For Sale In New Mexico

Discover “12×20 Sheds For Sale In New Mexico” at Edifice Sheds. We specialize in durable wooden sheds of excellent quality, designed for long-term use. Personalize them to match your exact needs. Our skilled staff will assist you in finding the ideal shed, be it 12×20 or another size. Add charm and functionality to your property with a solid wooden shed. Visit our shop or contact us to explore available designs and discuss personalized options, including our rent-to-own plan. Let Edifice Sheds be your reliable companion in crafting the perfect storage solution for your home.

12×20 Shed FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about 12 x 20 sheds.

Yes, at Edifice Sheds, you can customize your shed by choosing different styles, colors, and features to match your preferences and needs.

Our 12 x 20 ready-made sheds are built in New Mexico and delivered fully assembled to your location. Just have a designated area ready for it, and we’ll take care of the rest.

To keep your 12×20 wooden shed in good condition, regular upkeep is essential. This involves applying a fresh coat of stain or paint to protect the wood from dampness, inspecting for any damage making necessary repairs, and keeping the area around the shed clean. Consistent maintenance will extend the shed’s lifespan and preserve its optimal appearance.

While a 12×20 shed can be adapted for use as a home office or studio, if considering it as a permanent living area, additional factors and adherence to building regulations are crucial. Consult local officials to understand specific requirements and limitations for utilizing a shed as a living space.

Moving an installed 12×20 shed can be challenging due to its size and weight. However, shed moving specialists can safely relocate it for you. Consider the necessity and potential expenses before installation.

For enhanced security, consider installing robust locks, reinforced doors, windows, and motion-detecting lights in your shed. Regularly inspect for weaknesses and store valuable items discreetly or securely inside the shed.

Installing electricity and plumbing in a 12×20 shed is possible, depending on its construction, local regulations, and proximity to connections. To ensure proper installation and compliance with regulations, consult authorized experts for guidance.

The lifespan of a 12×20 wooden shed varies based on factors such as its materials, construction quality, maintenance, and exposure to weather. With proper care, including regular inspections, sealing or staining, and prompt repairs, a well-built wooden shed can endure for over 25 years, especially in dry regions like New Mexico.

Design Your Space

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