10×20 Sheds for Sale in New Mexico

Welcome to Edifice! We have top-notch 10 x 20 sheds in New Mexico. Our wooden sheds are useful and look great in your outdoor space. Whether you want a small garden shed or a big 10×20 storage shed, we have the right choice.

At Edifice, we make really strong and long-lasting sheds. Our expert team pays close attention to all the details when they build them so they last a long time and look fantastic. You can pick from different shed styles and even make them perfectly match your style and property.

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Edifice 10×20 Shed Styles

10x20 shed classic studio design

Classic Studio Shed

The classic studio shed is a timeless and versatile choice. It has a traditional peaked roof that goes well with many house styles. If you want a fancy shed that fits nicely with how your property already looks, this design is just right for you.

Southwest Studio 10 x 20 Shed 1

Southwest Studio Shed

This style brings the Wild West vibe to your yard with a simple yet cool look. It gives your yard a special feel that’s not common. Use our 3D builder to see how you can make your southwest shed just the way you want it! Come to Edifice Sheds today to get yours!

10 x 20 modern shed for sale

Backyard Studio Shed

The backyard studio shed is perfect if you want a shed that can be a workspace, art studio, or chill-out spot. It has big windows that bring in lots of natural light, making it a sunny and inviting place. You can customize it to make it perfect for whatever you want to do there.

10x12 high barn shed

High Barn Shed

The high barn shed is a classic and practical option for those who need maximum vertical storage space. The high-pitched roof and loft area provide ample overhead storage for tools, equipment, or seasonal decorations. The barn-style doors add a touch of rustic charm and make it easy to access the interior.

standard 10x20 red shed

Garden Shed

This garden shed is made just for people who love gardening. It’s both practical and looks nice. You can add things like potting benches or greenhouse parts to make it even better after it’s delivered. This shed helps you keep all your gardening stuff neat and tidy while making your garden look even more lovely.

Customize Your 10×20 Shed

At Edifice Sheds, we know that every homeowner has unique preferences and storage needs, especially for our 10×20 shed. That’s why we offer many ways to make it your own. You can choose different roof styles like peaked, flat, or barn-style to use the space above the shed. Plus, our sheds can be painted in lots of colors to match your outdoor style or make it stand out. Whether you like the natural wood look, bright colors, or something more subtle, our team can help you pick the perfect color for your shed.

When customizing your 10×20 shed, doors and windows are important. You get to pick their style, size, and where they go, making your shed work better and look nice. You also have choices for doors like single or double, sliding, or custom-made. Our skilled team will work with you to make your shed fit your place just right. Whether it’s a He Shed or a She Shed you’re after, we’ve got it. You can also read our articles about turning your shed into a gym or art studio for ideas!


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5 benefits of a 10 x 20 Shed

Storage Space

A 10×20 shed is great because it has ample storage space. You can store things like garden tools, lawnmowers, bikes, holiday decorations, and any clutter in your home or garage. When you arrange your stuff nicely, it is neat and easy to get to.


A 10×20 shed is like a jack-of-all-trades! You can use it for lots of things like storing stuff, doing DIY projects, working from home, pursuing your hobbies, making a play area for kids, or just having a comfy spot to relax. Its size gives you lots of options, so it’s a great addition to your property.


A 10×20 shed helps you keep your place clean and tidy. It’s like a special spot to store your stuff, which means your yard, garage, or home stays neat. You can also add shelves, hooks, and storage stuff to keep things in order so you can quickly find what you need without getting stressed.

Property Value

Putting up a 10×20 shed can make your property worth more money. People who might buy or appraise your place see the value in having extra storage or space. If your shed looks nice and in good shape, it makes your property look better and more appealing to buyers.


A 10×20 shed keeps your stuff safe. Wood sheds, especially, keep the inside at a good temperature and protect your things from really hot or cold weather. If you use good locks and security, your possessions will be safe and you will have peace of mind.

What Can Fit In A 10×20 Shed?

A 10×20 shed provides ample space to hold different things for various purposes. Here are some examples of what you can store in a 10×20 shed:

lawn mower icon

Outdoor Equipment

You can keep your lawnmowers, gardening tools, wheelbarrows, trimmers, and shovels neatly arranged in the shed. You can easily access them whenever needed for your yard and garden work.

bicycle icon

Sports Equipment

If you love cycling or have sports equipment like golf clubs, tennis rackets, or camping gear, the 10×20 shed offers plenty of room to store them. Storing them properly protects them from the weather and keeps them in good shape.

outdoor furniture icon

Seasonal Items

During off-seasons, you can store seasonal decorations, patio furniture, and pool accessories in the shed. This frees up space inside your home, allowing you to keep these items safely tucked away until you need them again.

tolls icon

Workshop And Tools

 If you enjoy DIY projects or have hobbies that require a dedicated workspace, the 10×20 shed can serve as your workshop. You can store power tools, hand tools, workbenches, and materials in an organized manner, creating a functional space for your projects.

home office icon

Home Office Or Studio

If you need a home office or a creative studio, the 10×20 shed can provide a quiet and separate space away from your main house. You can create a comfortable and productive work environment with proper insulation, lighting, and electrical outlets.

pile of boxes icon

Household Items

 If you need extra storage space for things like seasonal clothing, additional furniture, boxes, or belongings that you don’t frequently use, the 10×20 shed can be utilized effectively.

10×20 Sheds Rent-To-Own Options

At Edifice Sheds, we understand that not everyone can buy a shed right away. That’s why we have a flexible option for you: rent-to-own. With this program, you can pick the shed you want and start using it immediately, all while making affordable monthly payments.

Our rent-to-own sheds help you get the storage space you need without a big upfront cost. We have various sizes, styles, and customization options to fit your needs. Our rental agreements are clear and fair, so you can have a great shed on your property while working towards owning it slowly. Contact us today to learn more about our rent-to-own sheds and find the perfect storage solution for you.

10×20 Sheds For Sale In New Mexico

Thank you for considering Edifice Sheds for your storage needs in New Mexico. We specialize in making strong wooden sheds that last. You can personalize them to fit what you need. Our team is here to help you find the perfect 10×20 shed or any other size you want.

Add value and usefulness to your property with a strong and good-looking wooden shed. Get in touch with us today or come to our store to see the different shed styles we have. We can talk about customizing them and tell you about our rent-to-own program. Let Edifice Sheds be your go-to choice for creating the right storage solution for your home.

10×20 Shed FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about 10 x 20 sheds.

Yes, at Edifice Sheds, you can customize your shed by choosing different styles, colors, and features to match your preferences and needs.

Our ready-made sheds are made in New Mexico and sent to your home already put together. All you have to do is have a spot ready for it. You can learn more about getting the spot ready on our blog.

Wood sheds require a little TLC to stay in good shape. This means sometimes you should paint or stain the wood every 5 years, check for any damage, fix anything that’s broken, and keep the area around the shed clean. Doing these things often will make the shed last longer and stay looking nice.

If you want to turn a 10×20 shed into an office or studio, that’s doable. But if you want to live in it full-time, there are more things to think about, like following local rules and codes. It’s really important to talk to your local officials to find out what you need to do and what you can’t do with the shed as a living space. We build our studio sheds to meet the local ADU laws so a studio shed would be the best livable shed option.

Moving a big 10×20 shed can be tough because it’s heavy and large. We use a Shed Mule to move our sheds. If you would like to move a shed but don’t have the equipment for it, contact us and we may be able to help.

You can have electricity and plumbing in a 10×20 shed, but it depends on how the shed is built, the rules in your area, and how close you are to the needed connections. It’s good to talk to experts who know the rules to ensure everything gets done correctly and meets local codes.

How long a wood shed lasts depends on what it’s made of, how well it’s built, how you take care of it, and if it gets weathered a lot. If you do things like protect the wood with sealant or paint, and fix any problems when they pop up, a good wood shed can stick around for more than 25 years, especially in dry places like New Mexico.

Wood is a great pick for a 10×20 shed. It looks nice outside, lasts long, keeps the inside comfy, and can be made just how you want it. You can go for a classic or modern style. Plus, it’s good for the environment since it comes from trees that grow back. Wood is a top choice for making your 10×20 shed tough, good-looking, and useful for your outdoor space.

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!