Shed Sizes

Edifice INC offers many standard and custom shed sizes for sale. We sell our sheds in Southern New Mexico and West Texas.

small garden shed for sale

8 X 10 Sheds For Sale

An 8 x 10 shed offers considerable space that can accommodate various items for convenient backyard storage.

shed 165 12x20 ga

10 X 12 Sheds

10 X 12 sheds are one of the most common shed sizes on the market. We offer many 10 x 12 shed styles for sale in New Mexico and Texas.

high barn shed for sale

10 x 16 Sheds For Sale

A 10 x 16 shed offers ample space to store your belongings or a hobby shed.

high barn 12x20 shed

12 X 20 Sheds For Sale

A 12X20 shed offers spacious storage options so you can declutter your home.

8x12 high barn

8 x 12 Sheds For Sale

An 8 x 12 shed is a great Garden Shed size so you can store all your gardening supplies.

188 10x10 gs 915x1024

10 x 10 Sheds For Sale

When you require a spacious 10×10 storage solution, we have a shed style for you!

12x 12 red garden shed

12 x 12 Sheds For Sale

We’ve got excellent 12 x 12 sheds in New Mexico. Our wooden sheds are handy and add charm to your outdoor area.

10 x 12 Sheds for storage

10 x 20 Sheds For Sale

At Edifice, we make really strong and long-lasting sheds. Our expert team pays close attention to all the details.

12x16 backyard studio shed

12 x 16 Sheds For Sale

Whether you need a small garden shed or a spacious 12×16 storage shed, we’ve got you covered.

IMG 9808

12 x 28 Sheds For Sale

If you need a large storage shed, we can help! Check out the shed styles we offer for our 12×28 sheds.

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!