Rent to Own Sheds In New Mexico

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What is a Rent To Own Shed?

Are your attic and garage overflowing? Is your equipment sitting out in the sun? Or maybe you are wasting money on a storage unit. It’s time to declutter your life and return to sanity! Can’t afford a one-time payment on your dream shed? A rent to own shed is the perfect solution for any budget! Rent to own is a legal contract so that you can lease your shed instead. At the end of the rental agreement, your rent to own shed is now yours! You can purchase the shed at any point in the contract, or you can return the shed with no obligation to purchase. Follow these steps to get your rent to own shed.

Design And Order Your Rent To Own Shed

Three Reasons You Should Get a Rent To Own Shed!

No Credit Check

We do not run a credit report, so your credit score isn’t affected!


You can turn in your shed at any time for any reason!

Great Investment

Stop wasting your money! Unlike renting a storage unit, you own your shed at the end of the contract.

Who Can Apply?

Since rent to own does not need a credit check, anybody can apply! However, if you defaulted in the past on an RTO plan, you might not get approved. If you decide during the rental period that you don’t want the shed or can no longer afford the investment, you can return the shed. Rent to own plans are not reported to the credit bureaus so your credit score will not be affected. We offer three payment plans.

  • 24 Months
  • 36 Months
  • 48 Months.

If you decide to pay off your loan early, there are no early payoff penalties. You will get a discount if you pay off early!

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3 Steps to Getting Your Rent To Own Shed

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Choose your

Browse our inventory or create your custom building with our 3D builder. Tell our salesman you are interested in a rent to own plan, and we will give you all the options.

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Sign a Rental Contract

Our salesman will give you a rental contract to sign with no credit check required. After signing, make your initial deposit of two months’ rent.

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Get your custom shed!

We will deliver your custom shed to your home or property! We deliver within a 200-mile radius of Las Cruces and deliver for free within 50 miles. We recommend building a gravel or block foundation before we deliver the shed.

Rent To Own Shed FAQ

Q. How Much is my down payment?

A. Your initial payment is equal to two months’ rent. This payment is required before the building is delivered.

Q. When is my first payment due?

A. Your first payment is due 40-45 days after your shed is delivered. After that, you will receive a rental invoice around 2 ½ weeks before your payment is due.

Q. Can I pay more than the required monthly payment?

A. Absolutely! If you pay extra, we will hold it in a deposit account to apply toward an early purchase of your building.

Q. How do I purchase my building early?

A. Each invoice you will receive has a discounted early payoff amount. When you can make that payment in one shot, contact us, and we will transfer the ownership of your building.

Q. Can I Improve or Modify My Shed?

A. Contact us before making any modifications or improvements to your rent-to-own shed. Unauthorized changes might void your shed warranty.

Q. What Is The Interest Rate On My Rent to Own Plan?

A. Since a rent-to-own plan is not a finance payment plan, you pay no interest! You are simply renting every month. For example, 60 % of a 36-month rental payment is invested towards the purchase of the building, and 40% is for the rental.

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Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!