Sheds for Sale in Las Cruces

two sheds for sale in las cruces

Are you tired of the clutter in your life? Are you looking for more space so you can live an uncluttered life? Well, your search for sheds for sale in Las Cruces ends here! We build our sheds locally so you can lead a less stressful life. If you want to see our sheds for sale in Las Cruces, you can visit 1380 W Picacho Ave., Las Cruces, NM 88005, or call 575-224-6344.

on of our garden sheds for sale in las cruces

The Garden Shed

Do you need a straightforward storage solution for your tools and other things? The Garden Shed is what you need! The garden shed is the cornerstone of the storage shed industry. The garden shed is a cost-effective and efficient option for general storage.

tan high barn shed in las cruces

High Barn Shed

Our high barn shed is a compact mini barn that gives you the optimum storage space. The High Barn is perfect for you if you want a storage shed with more space. Because of the loft, a High Barn will take up the same amount of space as Garden Shed but give you more storage.

tan classic studio shed in las cruces

The Classic Studio Shed

The Classic Studio Shed offers plenty of space to put away your pool and garden tools while giving an aesthetically pleasing look that will be popular in any backyard! You can also finish out a classic studio for the perfect backyard workshop or office. This shed is built to meet residential building codes and is often used for additional dwelling units (ADUs).

a backyard studio shed delivered in deming

The Backyard Studio Shed

This studio shed features our most modern and sleek design. A backyard studio is ideal for crafts, art display studios, pottery barns, or a place to just get away and read, pray or study. A Modern backyard studio shed will make your backyard a haven of rest.

a detached garage in las cruces

Detached Garages

Are you parking outside your car, ATV, UTV, or other equipment? Wouldn’t it be nice to have space to store them indoors? We have the solution to help you fix your problems! Our portable detached garages are perfect for any equipment or vehicle. Protect your possessions today!

portable deck enterance to a home

Portable Decks

Are your camper steps falling apart? Does your above-ground pool have a rickety ladder to get in? You may want a better entrance for your mobile home. We are happy to sell portable decks in Las Cruces, New Mexico so that you can add that final touch to your camper, home, or pool! We have an array of prebuilt models, or we can build a custom portable deck. We also have 6 colors of stain sealers to choose from. Upgrade your property in Las Cruces with a portable deck from Edifice!

vinyl playhouses for sale in new mexico

Vinyl Playsets

Children love to play outdoors. We are proud to carry vinyl playsets built by Swing Kingdom! Swing Kingdom offers a variety of residential vinyl playsets, so you can pick one that fits your family. Our playsets come with a limited 20-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your playset will last. Find the perfect playset for your family today!

Why Purchase From Edifice?

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Shed Styles

Each person has their design tastes. Do you want a mass-produced shed with no personality? Or do you want a unique shed style that will reflect who you are? We custom-build our sheds so that each one will be special. You can design your personalized shed with our 3D builder. Don’t settle for the mundane and express your design!

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High-Quality Workmanship

We believe you should have a unique storage shed that reflects your personality and will last for years. We build our sheds locally, so we know the challenges and what it takes to stand up to the New Mexico climate. When you spend your hard-earned money, every penny is worth it. We are committed to building only the best custom sheds possible. That is why we only use the best materials, like LP Smart Side and LP Smart Floor. Get a shed in Las Cruces that is built to last!

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We know how much clutter can mess up your life. You want to unwind, but the clutter is crowding you out. All your rooms are full, leaving no room for your hobbies. You deserve a place to relax and resurrect your hobbies from the shelving! We are committed to helping you find the space to pursue those dreams. We are not happy unless you are happy! Check out our customer reviews to see what our former customers say about their new spaces.

shed getting delivered on a truck

Shed Delivery In Las Cruces, NM

How easy is it to get your shed from Edifice? We deliver your shed fully assembled, so you don’t need to do anything! If you need any permits, we can help you obtain them. We also can build on-site if delivering your shed preassembled is not an option. Best of all, if you live within 50 miles of us, we will deliver your shed for free! Removed the stress of shed delivery and let us deliver your shed already assembled!

Rent to Own Sheds in Deming

Do you know your dream shed, but you can’t afford to pay for it all in one shot? We offer rent-to-own plans for our sheds in Las Cruces so that anybody can get a shed! We can give you much flexibility with 24, 36, and 48-month plans. Best of all, you do not need a credit check to apply! Get the shed of your dreams!

See Outdoor Storage Sheds for Sale In Las Cruces

We have two sales lots featuring our outdoor sheds for sale in Las Cruces. You can visit one of the lots to see the sheds for sale near you. Stop by or give us a call at (575) 224-6344. We would love to meet you!

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!