High Barn Single Car Garage

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Are you tired of your stuff sitting around? Is your vehicle damaged from outside storage? If you are tired of your things falling off your shelves and clogging up your floor space, a single car garage is for you! The High Barn Garage is the perfect single-car garage for storing a car or garden equipment! The high barn garage has a loft to store all your items.

Locally Built Single Car Garage

We build our single-car garages locally in New Mexico. We make them in Dona Ana county and deliver them to the surrounding area and El Paso. We use the most robust materials available, so you never need to worry! You can choose from asphalt shingles or metal roofing. We use reinforced flooring and LP siding, so your garage will last for years. A single-car garage is a tool to protect your items, so you deserve a single-car garage that lasts for years.

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Custom Single Car Garage

Your storage needs are different from everybody else. You might have a classic car to keep in top shape. Or you may need a place to store your ATV. Either way, We recognize that storage needs vary from person to person. You deserve a single-car garage for your needs, so we build custom garages tailored to you. Using our 3D builder, you can design your single-car garage. Choose from multiple doors, windows, roofing options, and sizes for a unique single-car garage.

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How to Buy your Garage

Benefits of A Single Car Garage

As the name suggests, a single-car garage is wide enough to accommodate one vehicle. A single-car garage protects your car while being less expensive than a traditional garage. A single-car garage does not require a foundation, less planning, and materials, making it cheaper. Since we build our garages at our location, we can deliver your garage, which will be usable in one day, unlike a traditional garage. No matter what you need, there is a single-car garage that will fill your needs!

Portable Garage Delivery

Unlike a traditional garage, a portable garage does not require on-site construction. We build our garages and storage sheds at our facility and deliver them to your property. If your property is inaccessible to our delivery equipment, we can make the garage and assemble it on-site. We operate display lots in Deming and La Cruces to cover a large service area. Best of all, if you are within 50 miles of us, we will deliver your detached garage for free!

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Rent To Own Garage

It is best to protect your vehicles. Weather will damage your car and cause maintenance and repair costs, so you need a storage solution. You can rent a storage unit, but you will never own your unit. Why not rent a garage that will become yours after the rental period? With our Rent To Own garage plans, you can pay off a garage over time. Only some people can purchase a garage outright, so a rent-to-own plan helps you achieve your storage needs. Stop throwing money down the drain on a storage unit and get a rent-to-own garage!

Rent To Own Requirements

Rent To Own plans are rental contracts, not finance plans. This means you do not need to pass a credit check! Anybody can apply! First, contact our representatives and let them know you are interested in a rent-to-own plan. Our rep will discuss the plans and present a contract that fits your budget. Once the contract is signed and we receive the initial deposit, we will schedule delivery. Pay your monthly rental fee, and your garage will be yours at the end of the contract!

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!