Portable Garage Shed

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A portable garage shed is so much more than just a garage. Our single-car garages are perfect for storing your vehicles, equipment, storage, carpentry, or mechanic shop. If you need space to store your vehicle, our Portable Garage Shed is precisely what you need. Keep your car out of the weather and protect your possessions! Check out our About Us page to learn more about who we are or see our Customer Reviews to hear what we can offer to you!

Portable Garage Sheds in New Mexico

We build our portable garages locally in New Mexico. We prefabricate these garages in Dona, Ana County, and deliver them to the surrounding areas. We deliver your garage fully assembled, or we can build on-site at tight spots. The Portable Garage Shed is manufactured with the highest quality materials. We use LP smart side and flooring designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. A garage shed is an investment, so don’t opt for a cheaply built shed! You will spend more in the long run by repairing a cheaply made garage. If you want a lofted ceiling, explore our High Barn Garages. We also sell Storage Sheds, Playsets, and Portable Decks as we strive to cover your outdoor needs!

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Custom Portable Garage Sheds

You are unique and have your storage requirements. Everyone has different vehicles, possessions, and land areas. These factors determine the size of your garage and your storage needs. We understand that you have unique needs, so we offer custom garage sheds. With our 3D builder, you can design your custom single-car garage. Choose from multiple door options, sizes, colors, and roofing options. You can even add a porch! Don’t settle for a standard garage. Get a custom garage from Edifice! Explore with our 3D Builder where you can add the options that you would like!


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How to Buy your Garage

Benefits of a Portable Garage Shed

The top benefit of a portable garage is keeping your car protected. But what other benefits does a garage shed give you? Homeowners choose prefab garages because they cost less than a traditional garage. A garage shed is quick and easy to install and does not require the same amount of design and construction. Since the portable garage is built off-site, your garage will be set up on your property and ready to use in one day! Also, garage sheds are available in various styles and configurations. You can find a single-car garage shed that fits your property and design tastes!

Portable Garage Delivery

We pre-assemble your garage and delivery it fully built to your property. Our experienced delivery team will safely deliver your portable garage with little disruption to your property. Our drivers are trained and specialized in garage shed delivery. We use a Shed Mule to place your garage at the precise, intended location. Is your property inaccessible to a shed mule? No problem! We can build your garage shed on-site. Best of all, your portable garage delivery is free if you are within 50 miles of one of our dealers!

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Rent To Own Garage Sheds

Protecting your vehicle from the elements is essential. However, a garage is not always in your budget. While a garage shed is less expensive than a traditional garage, it is not cheap. With our rent-to-own plans, you can purchase a garage over time just by paying rent! Why pay rent on a storage unit you will never own when you could pay rent for a set time and then own your storage space? Stop throwing away your money and get a rent-to-own garage!

Rent To Own Qualifications

So what do you need to qualify for a rent-to-own plan? The first thing you don’t need is a credit check! Since an RTO plan is not a finance plan, you do not need to fill out a credit check. Anybody can apply! Talk to our representative and request information on our RTO programs. Together, we can find a plan that is perfect for you. Once you settle on a garage shed, we will give you a rental contract to sign. Once we have received your application and a down payment of two months’ rent, we will schedule your shed for delivery. All you now need to do is pay your monthly rental fee until the portable garage is yours!

Design Your Space

Need storage? Want a place to relax, hang out, or get away? Park your cars? Design and quote your shed today with our 3D builder!