Wooden Sheds VS. Plastic Sheds

Wooden Sheds VS Plastic Sheds

Wooden sheds vs. plastic sheds has become quite a popular debate. Cost, longevity, and appearance all play an important role in determining which shed is best for you and your needs. So let’s take a look at which shed is the best for your needs.

Pros and Cons Of Wooden Sheds

While wooden sheds are certainly the most popular style of shed on the market, there are many pros and cons to this style. Some people love the customization and color choices. While others dislike how quickly wooden sheds of yester year can rot. So lets take a look at the pros and cons of wooden sheds specifically.

Pros of Wooden Sheds

Wooden Sheds VS. Plastic Sheds

Color Choices

Many shed companies, including us, offer multiple color choices for sheds. Choosing the right color for your shed can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or neighborhood. Light-colored sheds reflect sunlight, keeping the interior cooler during hot weather. Dark-colored sheds absorb heat, providing natural insulation and warmth during cooler seasons. On the other hand, plastic sheds come in very few color options to make your building reflect something that is truly yours!

Sizing Options

Sizing options for sheds allow you to take your storage needs and spatial constraints into consideration when it comes to the design process. For example, larger sheds provide ample space for storing bulky items like lawnmowers and bicycles or even creating a hobby space. On the other hand, smaller sheds are great if you have compact yards or if you need only a little bit of storage for your home or business. On the other hand, plastic sheds only come in certain sizes.

Style Options

Being able to create a building that matches your style and desires is almost as important as the shed itself. At Edifice Structures, we have 5 shed styles, as well as several garage options, to make your shed all that it needs to be. On the other hand, plastic sheds come in only a few styles, limiting the options for your home. 

Easy To Repair/Modify

Wooden sheds are easy to repair due to the versatility of wood paneling being readily available. Minor damages such as scratches, or dents can often be fixed with simple sanding, filling and repainting. Even if you need to repair a hole or a section of rot, the materials to complete such a repair can be bought relatively easily at your local hardwar store. 

Cons of Wooden Sheds

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Wooden sheds do require some ongoing maintenance in comparison to plastic sheds. For example, when the building becomes scratched you need to repair the shed sooner rather than later. If you do not do so, you can start to use fame to your shed as the moisture can get into the wood and cause rotting to start.  On the other hand, rot does not affect a plastic shed at all. 

Vulnerability to Rot

Rot, ugh! Rot is a real part of having a wooden shed. Even the most well-constructed and maintained sheds are susceptible to rot as 


When moisture gets into your shed, it can cause the wood to warp. The warping, in turn, can cause your doors not to close properly. Without properly closing doors, your valuables are subject to being damaged or, even worse, stolen.

Initial Cost

Wooden Sheds will cost more upfront to purchase. This is for several reasons but the main reason being that they are built locally by hand. However, when you buy a handmade item from Edifice, you can rest assured you are personally stimulating our local economy and giving people quality jobs to provide for their families. 

Pros and Cons Of Plastic Sheds 

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While plastic sheds are readily available, they have some drawbacks overall. However, many pros make them a viable and cost-effective shed option. Let’s take a look at these things a bit more. 

Pros Of Plastic Sheds

Initial Cost

Plastic sheds are relatively cost-friendly, especially in relation to wooden sheds. This makes them a more desirable option for a consumer who is not sure that a long-term investment suits their needs best. 

Low Maintenance

Plastic sheds are far less maintenance-intensive than wooden sheds. This is because there is no opportunity for rot or easy damage due to the materials used. All of these features leave you able to focus on doing the things you love instead of working on maintenance for a shed. 

Self Assembly

One of the nice features of plastic sheds is that you can build them with the help of some friends. By building the structure yourself, you can make sure the whole project meets your standards. A word of caution with self-assembly, if you have never done a project quite like this, it can take some time. 

Ready Today

One of the biggest perks of self-assembled plastic sheds is you can have them as quickly as today. Wooden sheds typically take a lead time and time for construction. However,  when it comes to a plastic shed the only thing holding you back is the time you are willing to invest in completing the project. 

Cons Of Plastic Sheds

Limited Design Options

Plastic sheds offer multiple style options. However, they are all pretty similarly. So while a plastic shed may make for a great HOA approved shed style, it is difficult to find a shed that can fit the desires you have for a completely unique shed design. 

Difficult to Repair

Plastic sheds are fairly difficult to repair in comparison to wooden sheds. This is because there are no plastic shed repair kits available. This means that any repairs you make will be noticeable to your shed.


Plastic sheds boast what seems like a lifetime warranty on them. However, many times, these sheds do not actually give you a lifetime warranty. In fact, they are only warrantied for 10 years. On the other hand sheds like ours have been known to last over 20 years when properly maintained.

Do Both Wooden and Plastic Sheds Need A Foundation?

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Yes. Both wooden and plastic sheds should have a foundation. In most cases, a gravel shed foundation will be sufficient to support the shed’s weight. However, there are many shed foundation options for your shed. 

Do Both Wooden And Plastic Sheds Have Customization Options? 

Yes and no. A plastic shed may have interior options that can be added to give you some storage systems. However, wooden sheds have many customization options, such as paint color, windows, and door placement.

Is A Plastic Or Wooden Shed A Better Investment? 

Generally speaking, a wooden shed is a better investment than a plastic shed. This is because a wooden shed will have better longevity and thus is more desirable. In fact, having a quality shed built on your property may increase your property value by 1-2%.

Why Would I Want A Plastic Shed Instead Of A Wooden Shed?

A plastic shed is probably all you need if you want a storage area for a few gardening tools. This is largely because the cost and sizes of plastic sheds are very reasonable for what they provide. Additionally, you may want to consider a plastic shed if you are looking for a temporary storage solution for a short period of time, such as having a place to store your small children’s outdoor toys.

Are Plastic Sheds Or Wooden Sheds Easier To Fix?

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Wooden sheds are easier to fix than plastic sheds; this is because of 2 main reasons. First, replacement parts for wooden sheds are easy to find at big box stores. Second, trying to fix plastic sheds is difficult as there are no supplies to exactly match the shed.  

Wooden Sheds vs. Plastic Sheds: Which One is More Secure?

Wooden sheds are more secure than plastic sheds. Wooden sheds come standard with some style of lock on the doors and windows. On the other hand, there are no locking systems on plastic doors.  

Do Plastic Or Wooden Sheds Last Longer?

Wooden sheds last longer than plastic sheds. In fact, according to Urban Sheds, plastic sheds will only last for about 5-7 years. This means that not only do you have a shed built of inferior materials, but you will also have to replace your plastic shed sooner than you would a wooden shed. 

So Is A Wood Shed Better For You?

If, after reading this article, you still think a wooden shed is best for you, get in touch with us! We would love to help you create high-quality, lasting sheds. Not quite sure that a wood shed is right for you? No worries! Head on over to our 3D builder and get designing today.

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