Two-Car Garage Dimensions: Space Efficiency At Its Finest

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A two-car garage is a handy space for storage for a place to park your cars. It’s a shelter for your prized vehicles, a sanctuary for your tools, and a haven for all those items that mysteriously accumulate over the years. In simple terms, a two-car garage is a spacious structure designed to accommodate not one but two of your beloved four-wheeled companions. It’s like having a VIP parking lot right outside your home! Two-car garage dimensions can be confusing if you shopping for one. Here are some tips to help you on your journey!

What is the Average Two-Car Garage Size?

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Average means in the middle, so the average two-car garage size will vary according to what you need to store. The two most common sizes are 20 feet wide by 20 feet deep and 24 feet by 24 feet. The best two-car garage size will vary according to your needs.

What Is The Best Width Of A Two-Car Garage?

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You want to ensure everything is correct regarding the best width for a two-car garage. A width between 20 and 24 feet is generally recommended to ensure comfortable parking for two standard-sized vehicles. You want to avoid squeezing past your car to exit your garage.

What Is The Minimum Space Needed For A Two-Car Garage?

We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering about the minimum space needed for a two car garage. A width of 20 feet and a depth of 20 feet should do the trick for most cars. Suppose you’re a collector of vintage automobiles or planning to park a big truck next to your sedan. In that case, consider adding some extra breathing room. It’s all about making sure your vehicles have the space they deserve.

What Are the Downsides To A Small Two-Car Garage?

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While a small two-car garage may provide some protection for your vehicles, an 18-foot wide garage has several disadvantages. A typical car measures approximately 6 to 6 ½ ft in width, and you need ample space for ease of ingress and egress, particularly if you have children. The last thing you desire is a blemish on your newly acquired vehicle. While theoretically, an 18 ft width could accommodate two cars, you will have very little breathing room left in your garage.

What Can You Fit Inside A Two-Car Garage?

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The utility of a two-car garage lies in its ability to shelter your cars and its versatility. The possibilities are endless, from lawnmowers to bicycles, gardening tools to sporting equipment. Need a place to store those holiday decorations? No problem! A two-car garage gives you the space to declutter your home. Just remember, it’s essential to keep a designated spot for your actual vehicles.

How Many Square Feet Is A Two-Car Garage?

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Let’s talk numbers for a moment. The square footage of a two-car garage typically ranges from 400 and 576 and up to 700 square feet. Who’s counting? We are because we want to ensure you have enough room to park, store, and organize your vehicles and belongings. Because let’s face it, nothing is more satisfying than an impeccably organized garage, so you want to get a garage oversized enough for your belongings. 

Why Would You Need Extra Height In Your Two-Car Garage?

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Now, we’re taking things to new heights—literally! The extra height in your two-car garage opens up a whole world of possibilities. Not only does it allow you to store your vehicles, but it also creates additional space for those tall items you never knew where to put. Think about it: surfboards, kayaks, and ladders now have a convenient storage area. With a higher ceiling, your storage potential skyrockets. The average height of a garage ceiling is 8 feet high, so if you want that old pickup you saw for sale down the street with an 8-inch lift and mudding tires, you might need to consider a higher ceiling! In all seriousness, a high ceiling allows you to store more items without increasing the two-car garage footprint.

How Do You Create Extra Storage Space In A Two-Car Garage?

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The secret to creating extra storage space is utilizing every nook and cranny of your two-car garage. Hang some sturdy overhead racks to keep those seasonal items out of your way, and mount cabinets on the walls to easily store your tools and accessories. Don’t forget the power of hooks—perfect for hanging bikes, shovels, or other items. And if you want to level up your organization game, invest in modular storage systems or stackable containers. Trust us: your future self will thank you whenever you find precisely what you’re looking for right when you need it.

Deciding on a Two Car Garage Size

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You have multiple two-car garage size options, so which is right for you? The average garage will fit up to two mid-sized vehicles, so you should know what size you need before ordering a two-car garage. To get the right size, here are four measurements to calculate before ordering a two-car garage. 

Garage Height

You need enough room for your vehicle to fit in the garage door. Measure your vehicle’s height, especially if it has extra lights on the roof or tall antennas. Give yourself extra room if you would like to utilize overhead storage. Always measure the height of your vehicle before ordering a two-car garage.

Garage Width

You don’t want to nick your doors or have to squeeze in and out of your garage to get in your car. Also, extra space on the side of your garage provides extra room for boxes to store items. Remember, most garage doors need about 1.4 feet of wall between them so that you will have some space in the middle of your garage.

Garage Length

It would be annoying if you couldn’t close the garage door because the hood of your car protrudes past the door. It would be best to plan for extra garage depth so you can easily walk around your vehicle. Measure the length of your vehicles and add a few extra feet for comfortable storage.

Garage Function

You can store more than just vehicles in your garage. You can use a two-car garage as a home shop, woodworking, metalworking, vehicle maintenance, or store items currently cluttering your home. If you want to use your garage for more than storage, add extra space to your measurements.

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Two-Car Garage Dimensions Summary

Choosing a two-car garage size is essential. You don’t want to get the wrong size and end up not having enough space. Calculate the following measurements before choosing a garage size.

  • Height: How tall is your vehicle
  • Width: How wide are your current vehicles
  • Length: How long are your vehicles?
  • Function: Make sure you plan extra space for any additional storage

If you calculate the previous measurements, you can easily calculate the two-car garage size that is perfect for you.

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