The Complete Guide To Gym Sheds

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Are you tired of paying expensive gym fees only to show up while other people use all the equipment? Whether you are a gym enthusiast or want to make it more convenient to work out, gym sheds are a great solution to many fitness problems. It can be challenging to find enough space in your home or garage to house gym equipment and still give you enough room to complete a full workout. Your gym shed can provide you with a dedicated workout space. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of gym sheds and give you a picture of what a gym shed could look like for you.

What is a Gym Shed?

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Simply put, a gym shed is a free-standing outbuilding designed to create a dedicated workout space in your backyard. A gym shed provides a private space to escape the noise of everyday life and focus on bettering yourself. You can choose from many different sizes depending on your fitness goals. Late in this article, we will discuss how to customize your shed and turn it into the workout paradise you’ve been looking for.

Why are Gym Sheds Increasing In Popularity?

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During the Covid restrictions in 2020, many people stayed home and wished they had a place to run off some energy. While everyone is praying that something like covid doesn’t happen again, a gym shed is a great way always to have a place to stay healthy and fit.

Gym sheds have gained popularity in the last few years for several reasons. Firstly they provide private workspace for those who want to avoid paying for a monthly gym membership or dealing with crowded public facilities. They are also a cost-effective alternative to building a traditional home gym, which can be very labor intensive, and usually, homes only have a little extra space to hold a gym.

Can a Gym Fit in a Shed?

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It’s crucial that your shed has sufficient space to not only hold your gym equipment but also leave you sufficient space to perform your exercise. While most gyms may seem huge, you don’t need to have every piece of workout equipment on the market. It’s wise to figure out the type of workout plan you will use and buy equipment aligned with your fitness goals.

It’s wise to leave at least 60% of the space open for you to move around and 40% of the space for gym equipment. Some people prefer to work out by themselves to re-energize before returning to society; others prefer working out with a partner. Those are two things to consider when finding the right size for your gym shed. 

What is the best workout equipment for a gym shed? 

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Most people use little equipment for their workouts, so you don’t need much space to store your workout gear. You may prefer a simple yoga mat and resistance bands over many machines and dumbbells. Even if you prefer a more elaborate gym setup, there are ways to fit multi-use equipment into your shed for a great workout.

How Much Space Do I Need For Common Exercise Equipment?

Here are the sizes for standard exercise equipment according to the American Council on Exercise; these measurements are subject to change depending on the body type of the person using the equipment and how much room you need to work out comfortably. 

  • Treadmill—30 square feet
  • Elliptical trainer—30 square feet
  • Single-station gym—35 square feet
  • Free weights—20–50 square feet
  • Stationary bike—10 square feet
  • Rowing machine—20 square feet
  • Stair climber—10–20 square feet
  • Ski machines—25 square feet
  • Multi-station gym—50–200 square feet

Free weights take up a bit more space than most of the other gym pieces. This depends on the size of the weights; you will need a lot less space for standard dumbbells. 

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Does a shed have enough space for a good workout?

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Do you want space for a complete home gym setup? No problem, you can buy a backyard shed big enough for your family and friends to work out with you. One benefit of having your gym in an outbuilding is being able to open the doors to allow fresh air in while you do your workouts. Do you want to feel that fresh morning air while you jog on the treadmill? A gym shed is a perfect solution for you! You can buy a shed with plenty of space to perform even the most complex workouts.

Is It Safe To Workout In A Gym Shed?

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While it is entirely safe to work out in a gym shed, there are some things you want to check to ensure the safety of the people using the workout equipment.

Strong Flooring

First, ensure the floor is thick and sturdy so as not to break if you drop heavy weights on it. Besides a sturdy floor, it’s good to have some padding, whether rubber, vinyl, cork, or another suitable flooring for shock absorption.


On hot summer days, it’s essential to have air movement to help with your body temperature and oxygen levels. If your shed has a window, it’s a good idea to put in an A/C unit for the summer or install a mini split for temperature regulation during the summer and winter.

Keep it Clean

Keeping a clean and well-maintained space for working out is crucial. Many injuries occur from falling over equipment or from dumbells that are not correctly stored. It’s wise to have dedicated spaces for each piece of equipment and return each piece to its spot after each use. One trick is keeping all workout equipment that uses electronics close to a wall outlet so you don’t have cords that could get tripped over. 

Maintain Workout Equipment

Beyond just maintaining your shed, it’s essential to maintain the state of your equipment as well. If you use equipment with cables, ensure they are not wearing through or breaking. Workout equipment is not immune to wear and tear, so it’s good to keep an eye on it or it could cause injuries in the future. 

Benefits of Owning a Gym Shed

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A great benefit of your gym shed is the experience of having a personal workout space that is personalized to your workout routine. While you can have enough space for friends and family to work out with you, there is nothing like having an exclusive spot to work on your fitness.

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Studies show that the average gym goer will drive 5 miles to the gym. Assuming that you go to the gym at least twice a week, you will drive 580 miles per year to go to the gym! If you drive 5 miles or more to the gym, you will spend over 34 hours every year just driving to the gym and back. Having a gym shed in your backyard gives you peace of mind that you save money and time while still meeting your fitness goals. 

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Cost Effective

We’ve already discussed how you can save a lot of money you would otherwise spend on your gym membership over the years. Over fifteen to twenty years, you will pay between $8,000-$10,000 for an average gym membership, which is relatively low compared to what some gyms charge monthly. An excellent way to save yourself money when buying equipment for your gym is to look for great deals on sites such as Craigslist, eBay, Facebook marketplace, or even the classified ads in your local newspaper. To read more on how to find cheap equipment for your home gym, click here.

Customize Your Gym Shed

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The best part of having a home gym is the ability to personalize it to your preferences. Whether that means hanging your favorite posters on the walls or installing a flat-screen TV, you don’t have to conform to the classic styling you will find in almost every public gym. Here are some excellent ways you can make your workout space different. 

Pick a Unique Color Scheme

You can paint the interior of your gym shed to match the feeling you want to have while you’re working out. Some folks will prefer the rough outdoor look of bare wood as it will give it more of a rugged feeling, while others will like a clean, sleek look to give it a peaceful vibe. 


A personal gym shed allows you to get creative and think outside the box. Just because it’s common to have home gyms set up a certain way doesn’t mean you must conform to that design. Think of how you can make your home gym more convenient and customized to your stylings. You can even combine your gym shed with a gaming room or another hobby that you enjoy. 

What Size Shed Is Best For a Gym Shed

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If you are considering a gym shed, measuring your available space is crucial to see which size shed fits your needs. The best place to start is a 12 x 14 shed; This gives you an interior of over 150 square feet. If you go under 150 square feet, it will be hard to fit all the equipment inside your gym shed and have appropriate room to work out. Here at Edifice Sheds, we custom shed sizes, so you can get a gym shed with enough space for a home gym and space for storage or other hobbies. You can use our 3D shed builder to design the size of your gym shed.

How Should My Gym Shed Be Built? Here Are Some Things To Consider

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High-quality construction is vital to ensure your safety and the longevity of your investment. Edifice Sheds does not cut any corners and is proud to offer high-quality sheds at a great price!


Shed floors usually aren’t a big deal, but since you will be lifting weights, it’s important that your flooring is heavy-duty enough to withstand the hard knocks it will take. You also may opt for a solid concrete floor vs. a wooden floor. Either way, it’s good to ensure the integrity of your flooring will hold up against more demanding use than the average shed. 

Well Insulated

Properly insulating your shed’s interior will pay off big time in the long run. Insulation will keep you cool in the hot summer sun. New Mexico is well known for its extreme temperatures, so having a way to manipulate your temperate is crucial to a good workout experience. You can use traditional spray foam insulation or any other method to keep out the outdoor temperature fluctuation. 

Add Extra Ventilation

Since there are a lot of lovely days, it’s great to have the option of ventilation if you need it, whether that means installing windows or grates into your walls or having an air conditioner hooked up during the summer, it’s essential to ensure you get enough airflow to keep yourself breathing steadily during your workouts. 

How Do You Make Your Gym Shed Last a Long Time?

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As a homeowner, you know how important it is to protect your home; the same goes for your shed. There are ways to ensure your shed will last a long time without rotting away or being damaged. 

Regular Cleaning & Pest Control

We recommend thoroughly deep cleaning your gym shed at least twice yearly, as well as standard cleaning. Deep cleaning includes moving your workout equipment to clean underneath and checking if there is any sitting water or food that could attract insects. If you spill a beverage, cleaning it up as soon as possible is good, as it could lead to your structure rotting over time. Besides cleaning, exterminating insects that could infest your gym sheds, such as cockroaches or termites, is essential. 

Make Your Fitness Dreams Your Reality

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Get started building the home gym of your dreams today. Do you often think of going to the gym, but it seems like a big hassle? This option will make working out as easy as walking into your backyard. Please make sure to meet your fitness goals; get started today!

Why Edifice Sheds?

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The short answer is that we guarantee our customers the best shed buying experience possible and will hold up our end of any deal we make. We only use high-quality products, and we can’t wait to help you make your dreams a reality by helping you find the perfect backyard shed! For an in-depth view of the values of our company, you can click here.

Design Your Space

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