Art Studio Shed Ideas

If you want to purchase an art studio shed, you have come to the right place. This article will inform you of everything you need to know about designing, building, and decorating your outdoor art studio shed. You may want a relaxing place to escape to now and then and let your creative juices flow. Or you may wish to have a dedicated workspace to pursue your dreams of an art career. We have you covered, no matter the purpose or your art studio shed!

art studio shed interior

Benefits of owning an art studio shed

Having a place of solitude after a stressful day has been shown to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety significantly. Most of us lead busy, productive lives. Between going to the gym, working a full-time job, and countless other tasks, the strain can wear any person out! Having a place of solitude after a stressful day has been shown to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety significantly. Once you experience the peace it will bring to your otherwise busy life, you will never want to go back!

Art Studio Shed Benefits

What You Should Know About Art Studio Sheds

You may think that building your art studio shed will be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are the beginning steps to getting started on building your dream shed.

art studio shed what you should know


The size depends on the size of your backyard, as well as the size of your preferred workspace. Are you using the space for more than an art studio? If you are considering using your backyard shed for other hobbies, choose one of the larger options. A size anywhere from 100-200 square feet is standard and will give you enough space for your studio. 

Common sizes include:

  • 8 X 10
  • 10 x 12
  • 12 x 20
  • 12 x 18
  • 12 x 24

For custom sizing, you can use this square foot calculator here to determine the square footage of your shed.

Art studio shed sizes


You can design your art studio shed to precisely what you want. You can fully customize your shed to your preferences, from the exterior colors, building materials, and size. 

Sheds are designed around the purpose for which you intend to use them. You can choose specific window and door combinations to provide natural lighting for your studio. Check out our traditional and unique shed designs here. Whether you build your art studio shed yourself or work with our professional building team, you can find a style that will compliment your backyard! You can choose specific window and door combinations to provide natural lighting for your studio.

art studio shed styles

Get Started Building Your Shed

Permits & Regulations

The state of New Mexico law states ‘One-story detached accessory buildings used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses, and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet.” Sheds sized 10 x 12 and above require a local zoning office permit. You will need to get the permit for a DIY shed project. Thankfully if you purchase a custom shed, your builder can help you get the permit with less hassle than going through the process yourself.

Art studio sheds permits and regulations

The Blueprint

For a DIY project, drawing out a blueprint for your shed will be one of your first steps. You may find shed designs you want to use, but you will need all the precise measurements to get the job done right. It’s a good idea to go over your plans with a professional builder before your start building your shed so you will be as efficient as possible. If you are getting a custom-built shed, this is a step of the process you won’t have to worry about, as our professional shed builders will take care of all the plans for your shed layout.

art studio blueprint


The most popular shed foundation is a gravel pad (Crushed stone)  with a lumbar perimeter. Gravel shed foundations provide a stable foundation that will stand the test of time and help with water drainage. They are also very affordable and easy to construct, unlike concrete, which is a bit more expensive.

Art studio shed foundation
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Exterior Customizations

Here comes the fun part, you can customize the exterior of your shed to bring out the best look for your backyard. You can choose your shed style, color, and flooring options. Try our easy 3D shed building tool here. This tool will give you a great idea of what choice is best for you!

Art Studio Shed Custumizations

Finishing steps

You are almost done; the foundation is set, the frame is in place, and the exterior is finished. Here are the last few steps to completing your new art studio! 

Art studio shed finishing steps


You probably think insulation isn’t as important in a warm southern state. I would argue that it is just as important. Insulation, while keeping the cold out, also keeps the heat out. A warm New Mexico summer day can make your art studio hot and miserable without the correct insulation. DIYers often prefer batten insulation; you could also hire a professional to blow foam insulation into your shed walls. Make sure whatever foam you choose is resistant to mold and mildew. For our custom-built sheds, we use spray foam.

installing insulation


You will want lighting installed, especially in the winter months when you won’t have natural light in the evenings. You will want to plan out the layout of your studio before installing any outlets. You can wire the electricity yourself. However, we highly recommend hiring a professional electrician. You will not want to use extension cords as they can short out when exposed to wet climates. 

art studio electrical wiring

Install vapor barrier

 A vapor barrier and insulation combination will protect your art studio from moisture that is trying to get through your shed walls. Some people will say a vapor barrier isn’t necessary but it is essential to safeguard your environment.

art studio vapor barrier

Interior Walls/flooring

Standard drywall is an easy option for finishing out your art studio. If you want to go with a more natural, earthy look, you also have the option of board a batten. Suppose you are using your art studio every day. You want to choose a flooring option that will last. After you finish the flooring, all that is left is to trim and paint. If you prefer board a batten, you might select a wood stain vs. a painted look.

Art Studio Shed

Final Touch

As an artist, you will want to decorate in a way that inspires you. Depending on what you love to paint will determine what wall hangings and furnishings you will want to buy. Decorating your art studio will bring out your creative side.

Art Studio Shed Ideas

How to decorate your art studio shed

Interior Paint

You will want to match the color of your walls to what you want the feel of the room to be. Dark colors will bring out a warmer feeling in your art studio. Alternatively, cool colors give you a bright, clean look. Again, personal preference is the most significant factor in this decision.

painting a wall

Furnishing Your Dream Studio

You will want a clear space for at least one easel. You will often want enough room to set up multiple easels if you are working on several projects simultaneously. A few more items you might wish for are an art desk or table, storage cabinets, drying racks, and of course, a comfortable stool or chair. 

art studio shed furnishing

3 Options to Buy Your Art Studio Shed

You can purchase your custom-made shed from a local dealer, buy a shed kit, or DIY the entire project yourself. These three options will help you decide based on your preferred budget and time frame. Here are the benefits of each option.

Art studio shed OTB

Custom Shed Builder

A custom shed builder is the easiest way to finish the job quickly. Everything is pre-assembled, so there is no hassle on your part. Most builders even offer easy rent-to-own plans that will fit your budget. Click here to see some favorite shed designs.

Art Studio Shed Kits

Shed kits take far less time than a DIY project. You will need access to a number of tools to get the job done. You can find shed kits online that can be shipped to you directly. They will include step-by-step instructions on assembly. A shed kit will take more time and expertise, but if you love DIY projects, this could be what you’re looking for. You will save money if you go this route vs. buying a pre-built shed straight from a shed dealer. However, you might spend a good bit of cash on tools and take a lot more of your own time.

backyard office shed under construction

DIY Shed build

If you are creative and love tackling big projects, you can build your art studio shed from the ground up. The benefit of this option is that you will have complete control over the size, design, and style of your shed build. You should block out a couple of months to work on this project, as it takes a lot of time and hard work to finish a project of this size. If you already have the necessary skills and tools to complete a DIY shed, you might prefer this route. To avoid extra work or issues, a custom shed builder will save you time and headaches.

shed being assembled on site


There you go! Now, you should have the knowledge you need to start building your own art studio. We hope this article helped you, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would love to help!

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