14 Garden Shed Storage Ideas

creative garden shed storage ideas

Tired of tripping over gardening tools and equipment? A garden shed is supposed to help you organize your home. However, if it is not properly organized, your shed can cause even more stress. If you need help organizing your shed, here are 14 garden shed storage ideas you can use to organize your space.

Add Shelves

shelves garden shed storage ideas

Shelves improve your garden shed storage area and functionality and make accessing your gardening tools and supplies easier. You can utilize wall-mounted shelves, free-standing shelves, or hanging shelves. Adjustable shelving is handy since you can customize each shelf for your storing items. Assign specific shelves for similar-sized items. For example:

  • One shelf for small hand tools like trowels, pruners, and hand forks.
  • Another shelf for larger tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoes.
  • A separate shelf for pots, planters, and seed trays.
  • A shelf or hooks for hanging hoses, ropes, and cords.
  • Shelves for containers of fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals.

Anchor the shelves to the walls to prevent accidents and avoid overloading shelves not designed for heavy items.

Use Wooden Crates

wooden crates for garden storage shed ideas

Wooden crates are practical and cost-effective for storing your tools. You can repurpose crates as storage units for gardening tools, supplies, and equipment. Determine what items you will store in the crates and stack them on shelves or the floor. You can stack wooden crates vertically to save space and create a tiered organization system. Assign a specific category of items for each crate. For example,

  • One crate for small hand tools like pruners, trowels, and scissors.
  • Another crate for larger tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoes.
  • A crate for pots, planters, and gardening accessories.
  • A separate crate for seeds, bulbs, and planting materials.

Wooden crates are practical and offer a rustic look for your garden shed storage ideas. You can customize the crates to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Repurpose Bookshelves

bookshelves garden shed storage ideas

Repurposed bookshelves are a clever way to organize your garden shed. Bookshelves can be transformed into versatile shelving units for gardening tools, supplies, and equipment. First, clean the bookshelves thoroughly and give them a fresh coat of paint or stain to match your shed’s aesthetic. Decide what type of items you want to store. You can store pots, seeds, bags of soil, water cans, and more. Most bookshelves have adjustable shelves to accommodate different-sized books. Adjust the shelves to fit the items you plan to store. Utilize the sides of the bookshelf with hooks, brackets, or clips to store tools, hoses, or other items. Anchor the shelf to the wall to prevent it from tipping, especially if heavy items are on the top shelves.

Keep Tools in Plastic Tubs

overhead garden shed storage ideas

Plastic tubs are a great way to optimize the storage space of your garden shed. Utilize stackable plastic bins for smaller items like seeds, bulbs, fertilizer, and garden accessories. Group similar times in each bin and use labels for quick identification. Opt for clear plastic containers with lids to store items like potting soil, compost, and mulch. Clear containers allow you to see the contents without opening them. Plastic caddies or totes with compartments are ideal for carrying tools around the garden. Incorporating plastic tools and storage solutions allows you to create an efficient and organized space that makes it easier to find and access your gardening supplies whenever needed.

Use Tool Hangers

tool hangers for garden shed storage

Tool hangers keep your gardening tools easily accessible, prevent clutter, and free up valuable floor and shelf space. Various tool hangers are available, including wall-mounted hooks, pegboards, magnetic strips, and specialized hangers. Choose the type that best suits your tools and shed layout. Before installing tool hangers, plan the layout of your shed and determine where each type of tool should be hung. Consider grouping similar tools for better organization. Pegboards are versatile and allow you to hang various tools with hooks and holders. Mount a pegboard on the wall, leaving enough space between the board and the wall to accommodate hooks. Designate specific sections of the wall for different categories of tools. For example:

  • Gardening hand tools on one section.
  • Long-handled tools on another.
  • Pruning tools in a separate area.
  • Small tools on magnetic strips or hooks.

Ensure the tool hangers are securely attached to the wall to prevent accidents. Check the weight limits of the hangers to ensure they can handle your tools. Using tool hangers in your garden shed will create a tidy and efficient space where you can quickly locate and retrieve your gardening tools. This organization system also extends the lifespan of your tools by preventing them from getting damaged due to improper storage.

Tool hangers keep your gardening tools easily accessible, prevent clutter and free up valuable floor and shelf space. Many tool-hanging solutions, like wall-mounted hooks, pegboards, magnetic strips, and specialized hangers, are available. Choose the type of wall hanger that best suits your tools and shed layout.

Use Jars for Fasteners

jar for fasteners garden shed storage

Mason jars are simple yet effective for keeping your screws, nails, bolts, and other hardware items neatly stored in your garden shed. Collect mason jars of various sizes, labels, and a marker for labeling. Sort your fasteners into different categories based on the fastener’s type, size, or use. Organizing fasteners according to use will make it easier to find the fastener you need. Adhesive labels or masking tape are great for labeling jars. Clear jars make it easy to identify which fastener is in the jar. Mason jars are a practical and visually appealing way to store small items in a way that suits your organizational preferences.

Use Tool Drawer Organizers

garden shed storage ideas tool drawer

Tool drawer organizers are an intelligent way to keep your tools and small items neatly arranged in your garden shed. Shop for tool drawer organizers that fit the dimensions of your drawers and suit the types of tools and times you will be storing. Many styles of organizers are available, including trays, dividers, foam inserts, and foam inserts. Before placing organizers in the drawer, sort your tools and items based on their function and size. Drawer organizers will help you arrange them in the drawer. Start by placing larger tools or items in the bottom of the drawer. Adding heavy items to the lower shelves creates a stable base for your shelves. If you purchase a tool organizer with foam inserts, you can cut out the shapes of the tools to fit specific tools snugly. Periodically declutter the tool organizer to keep your garden shed organized. Tool drawer organizers help keep your workspace organized and prevent damage to your tools. Finding the right tool quickly and easily saves you time and frustration during your projects.

Create a Workbench

garden shed storage ideas workbench

A workbench is a practical tool organization solution. Purchase a workbench that fits your garden shed size and provides an ample workspace. Make sure you will have enough space around your workbench for easy movement. Before placing tools in the drawers, categorize the items you will store in the workbench and assign a drawer for each category. For example, one drawer could be hand tools, another for potting supplies, and another for seeds. Install hooks or pegboards to the walls above the workbench to hang frequently used tools. A well-organized workbench can make your tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Magnetic Strips

garden shed storage ideas magnetic strips

Optimize your garden shed’s efficiency with magnetic strips on the wall, designed to securely hold metal tools such as wrenches, pliers, and shears. Magnetic strips are a space-saving ingenious approach, ensuring that your essential tools remain easily accessible and well-organized. You can also add magnetic strips to your workbench.


shelves for garden shed storage ideas

Shelves effectively use vertical space to expand your storage capacity. Shelves are indispensable for many items, like pots, planters, containers, and compact gardening tools. Add heavier items to the lower shelves to keep the shelves stable.


garden shed storage ideas pegboards

Pegboards are a practical vertical storage solution. Since they are customizable, you can effectively organize many different types of tools. You can always rearrange the hooks on the board when you get new tools. A pegboard gives you easy access to frequently used items without rummaging through drawers. By using pegboard, you can keep your garden shed tidy!

Cabinet Storage

cabinet storage as garden shed storage ideas

Wall-mounted cabinets are another great way to utilize vertical storage space. Cabinets protect your times from dust, pests, and other sources of damage. A well-designed cabinet will also add an aesthetic appeal to your shed. A cabinet prevents items from piling up haphazardly, so your space stays clutter-free and stress-free. 

Overhead Storage

overhead garden shed storage ideas

A high barn shed or similar garden shed style has extra storage space in the ceiling to optimize the storage area. You can add overhead racks or shelves to keep less used items out of the way. Using your garden shed ceiling optimizes your storage space without expanding your garden shed’s footprint. You can also add rails to the ceiling to hold clear plastic bins. Overhead storage is a straightforward and efficient garden storage solution.

Implement Garden Shed Storage Ideas

You want to avoid tripping over clutter in your garden shed. The whole point of a shed is to organize your space. We hope some of these garden shed storage ideas were helpful. Implementing some of these garden shed storage ideas allows you to keep your space clutter and stress-free. Enjoy!

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